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The offical personality profile of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as seen on Making The Teem
There is no greater asset to an individual than personal power, which develops through the avenues of self-awareness and understanding, and there is no finer instrument for self-discovery and its resultant personal empowerment than the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile®. CORE MAP® measures and evaluates natural inclinations, preferred functioning modes, and personal effectiveness traits such as strengths, weaknesses, communication styles, relating styles, reactionary styles, tolerance, and achievement drive. No other instrument gives a fuller, more complete profile.

One of the most valuable resources any organization has is its people. The more directed and self-aware employees are, the better they function, both individually and in teams.

CORE MAP® enables individuals to:

    • Discover and capitalize on their strengths
    • Diminish their weaknesses
    • Appreciate and value the differences that exist among coworkers
    • Gain the insights needed to achieve peak performance
CORE MAP® enables managers to:
    • Gain valuable insights about each of their staff members
    • Recognize what motivates and discourages each employee
    • Communicate more effectively with employees
    • Adjust their management style to get the best results from every employee

All relationships, whether personal or business related, require an understanding of self and others to be healthy and effective. The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile® can provide individuals with many of the insights so necessary to the development of great relationships.