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The offical personality profile of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as seen on Making The Teem
CORE MAP® provides an in-depth look at several aspects of your personality, and unlike any other measuring instrument, it combines those aspects to provide a truly multidimensional profile. CORE MAP® evaluates your nature, then reveals how nurturing and socialization may have altered your natural personality, for better or worse. It also measures reactionary styles and personal effectiveness to give you additional tools for greater successes in business, in relationships of all kinds, and in your personal life.

CORE MAP® goes beyond self-awareness by adding dimensions that lead to self-understanding and personal empowerment, through which individuals can take greater control of their lives and can create more positive outcomes in day to day interactions with people.

By measuring your personal traits from several angles, CORE MAP® enables you to become aware of conduct that may not be serving you well, providing you the opportunity to alter or eliminate negative behaviors. You may also become aware of positive attributes and personal resources of which you were previously unaware. Awareness of the traits that are natural to your particular temperament can serve as a powerful guide, enabling you to develop yourself in positive, purposeful directions.