The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP)® is an effective, reliable, valid and in-depth personality assessment tool designed to measure the multiple aspects of self perception and personality development. CORE MAP® measures and evaluates natural tendencies, preferred functioning modes, personal effectiveness traits, strengths, weaknesses, reactionary styles, relating styles, tolerance levels and more. No other instrument provides a fuller, more complete personal profile. CORE MAP® is divided into three parts. SECTION ONE asks you to look inside yourself and, using one word descriptions, define how you see yourself. SECTION TWO asks you to look outside yourself at the way you interact with and interpret the world around you. SECTION THREE asks you to evaluate the degree to which you utilize each of the trait sets available to you. From these three evaluations you will gain a great deal of very useful information that can help you plan and direct your life to achieve optimal results.

With CORE MAP® you will discover: