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The Personal Path

alt Discover Your Ideal (authentic) Self
alt Let Your Nature Create Success
alt Increase Satisfaction and Joy
alt Free Up Your Energy and Potential
alt Gain New Purpose and Direction
alt Find Your Ideal Career
alt Transform Your Life/Relationships
alt Become Your Finest Self
alt Build Successful Relationships
alt Navigate Past Negative Conditioning
alt Personal Coaching

The offical personality profile of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as seen on Making The Teem

The unique advantages of the CORE instruments are explored throughout this site, but the greatest long-term advantage to both businesses and individuals comes from the expertise and abilities of our national network of highly trained facilitators, consultants, coaches, therapists and trainers.

Each member of this elite group is a specialist in his/her field and each is trained and certified in the administration and facilitation of the CORE instruments.

Each is dedicated to helping people discover and develop their finest attributes in the fastest, most efficient way.

For businesses and organizations that means access to some of the finest trainers, coaches and consultants in the country. Whether your need is training for a large group, consulting for a particular department or team, or one on one coaching to develop high performance leaders, salespeople or to transform potentially valuable employees into a high performers, you can get your needs met through the CORE network; every time, all the time.

For individuals the CORE network means fast and easy access to outstanding facilitators, therapists and personal coaches who genuinely care about individual outcomes, who know how to get right to the core of an individual's nature, helping them to quickly develop their finest attributes, move beyond limitations, meet life's challenges and build a happier, more satisfying life. There are coaches to assist in career planning, relationships, personal growth, parenting, personal effectiveness and more.

For additional information, a list of facilitators, consultants, coaches, therapists or trainers in your area or one with particular expertise, click here.