Authenticity Profile

How authentically are you living your life? Take the Authenticity Profile and find out. From the statements below, choose the response that is most true of you and click on the appropriate box for each statement using the following ranking.

If, for example, a statement is always true, choose “always”. If a statement is mostly true, but not always, choose “mostly”, if never true, choose “never”, etc.







  1. I am content with myself as a person.

  2. I feel like something is missing from my life.

  3. I have a strong sense of mission in my life.

  4. I feel like I present a false image.

  5. Most of my relationships are enjoyable and fulfilling.

  6. I feel lost and undirected.

  7. I enjoy my work/vocation.

  8. I wish I had chosen a different line of work.

  9. I have good personal boundaries that keep me centered.

10. I get pulled off track by life’s circumstances.

11. I am living my life exactly the way I believe I should.

12. I believe there is more to me than I am expressing.

13. I believe that I am the master of my own destiny.

14. Life pulls me in all directions and I have to go along.

15. I don’t let outside demands rob me of peacefulness.

16. I am too busy just keeping up to have time for myself.

17. I really like and appreciate who I am.

18. I fantasize about the person I would like to be.

19. I don’t let the expectations of others dictate my life.

20. I am influenced by what others think I should be/do.

21. I consider other opinions, but choose my own path.

22. I feel guilty when I don’t do what others expect.

23. I lead my own life according to what I feel is right.

24. I feel tired and stressed.

25. I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

26. I do things that I dislike or that are not good for me.

27. I am in control of my life, my health and my actions.

28. I am anxious/worried about the direction I’m headed in.

29. I live according to what matters most to me.

30. I let the demand of the moment control my life.