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Ollie Malone, Jr., Ph.D. - Pennzoil
I have worked with countless instruments that provide information about an individual based on their responses to a series of questions. I even completed my doctorate on one. I was skeptical, then, when I first heard of the CORE MAP and I believed it to be a watered down version of other more substantial instruments. Imagine my shock, then, when I found this profile to be amazingly accurate and on-point for me. I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about themselves or wants to address long-standing issues that may be standing in the way of their personal effectiveness.

Linda Dorsey, Sr. Training & Education Rep. - NEC Unified Solutions
I have been hearing great things from both managers and employees regarding the CORE Profile and training. Communication is improving and stress levels seem to be diminishing. I highly recommend the CORE assessment personally and professionally.

Jason Arenburg - AB Group, Inc.
CORE MAP has been an exceptional tool for hiring. I am especially impressed with the part 3 results which are right on in predicting current behavior and development as well as EQ. I have used many assessments, but none measure up to CORE.

Tim Cocklin - New Homes Realty, Inc.
CORE MAP is a huge success and is even winning over the skeptics as they see how accurately the profile predicts how someone will do on the job. The benchmark you helped us create for hiring is proving to be very accurate and valuable as well.

Jeff Kaye, Kaye-Bassman Int’l
We have looked at hundreds of assessments over the years, hoping to find one that would actually deliver the depth of information we were after. None did before now. I'm very impressed with what can be gleaned from CORE MAP.

Willie Baronet - GroupBaronet
Unlike other personality tests I've taken in the past, CORE MAP gave me a more complete picture of how I saw myself vs. how I really am. Seeing where those areas aligned was very powerful, and has helped confirm some gut feelings I had about where I want to head, and where I want to make some changes. My assessment is that it was a much more complete valuation of all parts of the person tested. I'd recommend it highly.

Dale Perryman - Consultant
The CORE MAP and the follow-up coaching was "just what the Dr. ordered". It was insightful in pointing out where my true passion and motivation lies. I felt empowered to create a more satisfying life. Other assessment instruments don't go far enough. CORE MAP not only told me about my strengths, but raised my awareness of personal liabilities. It hit the nail right on the head.

Colin Lindhal - Texas Instruments
I benefited extensively from my CORE MAP profile, both in terms of the information it provided and in terms of how it was presented. I had been through personality profiling before, as an undergraduate, a Naval Officer, a graduate student and as a corporate employee (the MBTI in the last instance). Though I often found the process interesting, I left only with information, not actionable information.

From the CORE MAP profile, I was able to understand some very unproductive behaviors in ways that were entirely new to me. The "aha" moment came when I realized how I had begun to rely on old, ineffective behaviors as my primary way of approaching situations. Though I had felt this to be the case, I had never before been able to verbalize and understand it so clearly. I left our review session with both excitement and a renewed belief that other, more productive aspects of my personality were either accessible within me or in a latent state and capable of being developed.

Since the initial session, I have used the CORE MAP framework, in conjunction with other tools, to look at the other areas of my personality that had been underdeveloped or ignored for years. I know that I am a great deal more than the few, basic behaviors that I had been using in the day-to-day living of my life, and through this process I have been able to name those other areas and take very concrete steps towards developing them.

Charles Drayton - Dallas, Texas
When Marc convinced me to complete a COREMAP assessment, I assumed it would be a very similar management profiling technique to many I have undergone over the course of my career. I was wrong! The assessment provided me with unique insights into what I desired from my career and highlighted conflicts between my needs and the path I had been pursuing for many years. I strongly recommend this process for anyone wishing to have a better understanding of themselves, but particularly to those making significant career decisions. It helped me jettison the baggage and zero in on the career choices that will be personally fulfilling and have the highest likelihood of success.

Rebeka Rosenthal - San Antonio, Texas
"My personal and professional enthusiasm, and consequent endorsement, of the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile knows no bounds. I would describe my life as an eight out of ten before taking the CORE profile. Yet, as a lifestyle coach, I wanted ten out of ten. I knew I had yet to experience that elusive state called 'flow'. In one personal coaching session fifteen years of internal conflict and tension became clear. Suddenly, I understood that the reason I never felt quite right in my own soul was because it wasn't really my soul. It was the soul of the woman I thought I had to be. My journey since the CORE experience has been liberating and empowering. Each day I glimpse more of that authentic woman I was always meant to become and I know that the CORE Profile has been a faithful mirror that has helped me to see my true self for the very first time."

Frank Hanrahan - Ottawa, Canada
"I realized about twenty years ago that something was wrong, either with me or with the world around me. I began a lengthy pursuit of the truth as to which was which. I waded through hordes of self-help books, attended seminars, even spent seven years in conventional therapy with no positive result. The CORE profile and your self-discovery program were a Godsend, and a stellar example of the type of work that can benefit all of mankind. A thousand thank-you's."

Carol Bunting - Sachse, TX
"Thanks to you and your work (my son) has turned a very important corner at a very troubled time in his life. I really believe that if you hadn't come along, his life would have taken a completely different, and not positive, direction. But with your help he has been able to be honest about issues that had been festering in him for a very long time. What a blessing you have been. The CORE Profile is such a revolutionary program. It has the potential to benefit many people for a long time to come. I will always be grateful for your gift."

Mara Landivar - Dallas, Texas
"Thank you for taking the time to review my CORE profile with me. I brought it back to work and shared the information you gave me with my boss. He's decided (based on the information) to assign me to a job site in Mexico where I will increase my salary by 50%! Thank you so much for giving me the understanding and the courage to know and ask for what I want. People often look for miracles in their lives. You were mine!"

Harriet Meyerson - The Confidence Center - Dallas, Texas
"IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. This is the best way I can describe your CORE Profile. Even though I have spent years on my own personal development, I still discovered a new awareness of myself (and who I really am) that I am really excited about. After experiencing your program, I believe that the first timer, just starting on the path of self-discovery, as well as those who have studied personal development for a long time, can benefit immensely from the CORE Profile."

Kelly Stokes - Carrollton, Texas
"It is hard to express in words how grateful I am that our paths crossed. I feel as if I have finally been given permission to do what I want. I now have a glimpse of an opening door all because of you and the CORE Profile."

Cynthia Dee - Newark, NJ
"All that the CORE Profile has for people, you can't put a price on it. I know what you have to offer is exactly what the world needs to know. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to experience this remarkable tool.

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