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Benchmarks are by far the fastest, most efficient, and least expensive way to ensure consistently hiring the very best employees. The most effective benchmarks begin with in-depth profiles of between five and twenty of the top performing employees in a particular job. A composite profile is then developed to determine what patterns, attributes and abilities all the top performers have in common. All future job applicants are then measured against the benchmark for top performers.

The more in-depth and multidimensional the benchmark is, and the less able a job applicant is to skew the assessment, the more certain an employer can be that the applicant will fill the bill.

Benchmarks, created using the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP) measure natural abilities and attributes on thirty scales and also measure the all important elements of congruence, emotional intelligence and coping abilities. No other instrument can match the depth and breadth of CORE MAP, and no other benchmark will be as accurate. CORE MAP cannot be skewed under normal circumstances and any attempt at skewing is easily detected. With CORE MAP, when a job applicant matches the benchmark, you can bet he or she has the right stuff for the job.

For small businesses that have fewer than five employees in a particular position, a benchmark can be created using the desired traits for the job in question. General benchmarks for similar jobs in similar industries can also be used. General benchmarks don't factor for environment or company culture the way custom benchmarks can, but they are still highly effective in ensuring job fit when a multidimensional approach is taken and when the job applicant is unable to skew the results.

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