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This site explores two paths, one of professional development and one of personal awareness. Select a path below or navigate the site using the left menu bar.

The Professional Path
Get the best out of every employee, hire and retain top performers, predict job effectiveness/fit, create benchmarks customized to your company, indicate sales ability, promote the right people, ensure job fit, build effective teams, and improve communication

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Personality Profiling
Emotional Intelligence
Consulting and Coaching
Benchmark Reports
Seminars and Workshops
Employee Selection

The Personal Path
Discover your ideal (authentic) self, move away from limiting conditioning, free up your energy and potential, gain a new sense of direction, improve your life and relationships, find your ideal career


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Finding My Authentic Self
Negative Conditioning
Success in Relationships
Find the Perfect Career
Personal Coaching

Coaches, Counselors, Therapists and Trainers...are you seeking a tool to truly transform lives and improve outcomes? Get beneath the surface with CORE! >View Details

In the News...CORE is named the official personality profile of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. >Read Related Article

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