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CORE Abbreviated Congruence Evaluation™

The CORE Abbreviated Congruence Evaluation™ is a quick, easy to administer tool that is excellent in workshop or group settings when time does not allow the full exploration provided by CORE MAP®. It indicates whether self-perception and current functioning match, and when they don't, can provide the groundwork for further exploration using CORE MAP®.

CORE Personal Effectiveness Profile™

The CORE Personal Effectiveness Profile™ (CORE PEP) is a multidimensional
assessment designed to provide a clear and accurate picture of an individual's current
personality and development. CORE PEP measures how effectively an individual is using the entire spectrum of personality traits, maps out current coping patterns and stress reactions, measures emotional intelligence across the personality spectrum, and predicts personal effectiveness. CORE PEP is a fast and effective tool for hiring, placement, promotions, team building and general profiling.

CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile™

The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile™ (CORE MAP) is a truly multidimensional assessment instrument. It measures every aspect of an individual's personality, from self-perception and function, to emotional intelligence, coping style and stress reaction. CORE MAP explores an individual's personality right to the core. This instrument has so many cross-checking features that it is virtually impossible to skew. Any misreporting, intentional or otherwise, is easily detected making this an exceptionally accurate and reliable instrument. When it is vitally important to know the authentic nature of an individual (not just current self-perception), to be able to predict behaviors under varying circumstances, to measure inherent abilities across the board, or to have a powerful tool for positive change, no other instrument can deliver what CORE Map does. It is the most in-depth, accurate, economical and efficient tool for human development and transformation on the planet. We guarantee it!

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