The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Select CORE MAP
as Their Official Developmental Assessment

Dallas, Texas – The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP) has been the assessment of choice for Kelli Finglass, Director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, for the past six years. Finglass uses it in her training program to help her better understand the dynamics of her team and get the most from them.

“CORE MAP has helped our team better understand and utilize their individual strengths” says Finglass. “It has been fascinating and interesting to see how the deeper awareness we have all gained through CORE MAP has helped to bring 38 personalities together to perform as team. Understanding their own and one another’s motivators, demotivators, strengths and limitations has been highly beneficial.

” Finglass’ exacting expectations, passion for high standards and exemplary performance, and her commitment to quality are reflected in the quality and depth of measures provided through CORE assessments. CORE MAP is an in-depth, scientifically validated assessment that accurately measures multiple performance factors such as overall development of core qualities, interpersonal effectiveness, leadership ability, decision-making ability, effectiveness at handling conflict, effectiveness under pressure, ability to attend to detail and act with precision, ability to communicate one-on-one and in groups, emotional intelligence, change management, the ability to effectively cope in stressful situations and methods used to cope.

CORE assessments are provided to the DCC by Spectracomm, a Dallas-based training and consulting firm, and NaviCore International, Inc., also a Dallas-based firm and the exclusive distributor of CORE assessments.


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