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The Path of Professional Development applies to the professional realm and explores the many ways the human element impacts business outcomes and vise-versa. This path leads to more accurate career planning, better on-the-job relationships, improved hiring practices, greater employee effectiveness, outstanding leadership, increased sales, better customer relations, effective change management, and more. Click here for an online brochure

Significantly Improve Hiring and Promotion Decisions

In today's highly competitive environment, corporations need exceptionally reliable tools for making hiring and promotion decisions. Many organizations rely on assessments to help in the selection process, but the usual assessments that simply define behavioral styles, general traits or functional preferences cannot provide the depth of information necessary for truly informed decisions.

If you have ever had the experience of hiring or promoting someone, based on the results of an assessment, only to have the candidate miserably fail to meet expectations, you are already aware of the limitations of the average assessment.

There are numerous assessments in the marketplace each claiming to be an excellent choice for optimizing human resources within the workplace. They use different means of measurement and prediction, but most have several limitations in common:

  • They measure only one area or dimension of human functioning.
  • They cannot be adequately checked for accurate reporting and can therefore be skewed without detection.
  • They measure and report only what the profiler believes about him/herself (or wants you to believe). Research suggests that most people (54%) don't know themselves well enough to self-report accurately and, among those who can report accurately, a significant number choose to skew the results in their favor. Studies suggest that the odds of getting an accurate result on a typical assessment are approximately 23%.
  • They do not show how effectively or ineffectively reported traits and attributes are being used.
  • They cannot predict whether the individual will function as a positive asset or a negative liability.
  • Most assessments have no way of measuring the single most important predictor of exceptional performance and personal success - emotional intelligence (EQ).

Click here to view a graph that illustrates how drastically different individuals who report the same general traits can be, and demonstrates the importance of knowing development levels, reactionary patterns and emotional intelligence when making personnel decisions.

CORE assessments are unique in many ways. In fact they are so uniquely superior to most instruments that many people cannot fully appreciate the differences until they have experienced them. Only CORE assessments have the ability to:

  • Accurately measure self-perception, behavioral styles and preferred functions
  • Measure and predict emotional competence or emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Define how an individual is likely to function in a particular position and overall
  • Detect attempts at skewing and discover inadvertent misreporting
  • Show development levels over the entire spectrum of human traits
  • Describe reactionary patterns and behaviors with and without stressors
  • Become quickly conversational and applicable to people and situations across the board. Everyone, from co-workers to customers to family members, can be understood and appreciated more fully using the CORE model.
  • Get beyond erroneous self-perception and right to the core of an individual's authentic nature.
  • Systematically move individuals away from self-defeating behaviors and beliefs and toward their highest level of functioning, both personally and professionally. CORE assessments are strengths based.
  • Accurately define training needs so training can be narrowly applied for greatly improved results and minimization of waste in both training time and dollars
  • Measure and track employee progress

Improve Employee Training Outcomes and Save Money Too

As with hiring and placement decisions, training today needs to be more focused and relevant. Sending entire departments to general training, costs organizations millions of dollars in lost man hours and wasted training dollars and often produce disappointing results. By knowing exactly where training is indicated and how to structure it for optimal results, training costs can be minimized and training results maximized. CORE MAP measures and reports on areas of development so that specific training needs can be pinpointed and addressed.

CORE assessments and training can help your company:

  • Create well defined benchmarks to ensure you are hiring only the best suited for the job
  • Accurately predict job effectiveness and fit to eliminate any unpleasant (and expensive) surprises
  • Define requirements for long-term job satisfaction and reduced turnover
  • Target the training needs of each employee, thereby improving training outcomes while eliminating unnecessary training time and expenditures.
  • Understand the communication, interpersonal, and team styles of each employee
  • Improve employee relations by helping employees understand differences and appreciate diversity
  • Keep employees motivated and improve morale
  • Improve management and leadership outcomes individually and within teams
  • Reveal management styles to ensure the leadership in every department is optimal
  • Increase management's ability to communicate, persuade and inspire
  • Build better customer relations
  • Reveal areas where training would yield the highest returns
  • Increase sales through accurate hiring and targeted training
  • Build strong, effective teams
  • Improve employee communications
  • Build stronger customer relations
  • Prevent or more easily resolve conflict
  • Effectively manage change
  • Increase productivity

Workplace Competencies

There are a number of factors that contribute to competency in the workplace. The most obvious is training, but effective training goes far beyond job skills training, and all forms of training only account for approximately 35% of employee successes. The majority of competencies sought by companies nationwide actually fall outside the job skills arena. More than 80% of commonly sought competencies fall under the categories of emotional intelligence (EQ), interpersonal skills and personal traits.

Numerous research studies point to the fact that no amount of job skills training will produce a competent worker if the worker is not suited to the job by natural temperament and/or is not emotionally mature enough to handle the demands of the job. One study done by Dr. Judith Bardwick, a professor at the University of California at San Diego, concluded that a person's character (maturity level plus values) and personality influence his/her behavior and success on the job more than knowledge and training combined.

Competency in performing job skills is easy to measure and predict based on test results and past work records, but the competencies in the crucial 80% are not so easy to determine by ordinary means. While there are a number of assessments on the market today designed to measure temperament, attitudes or interests most have no means of checking to determine whether the reported traits and interests are actually present. Many assessments are easily skewed, which allows an applicant to appear to fit job requirements when they really don't, and many more are skewed unintentionally simply because the applicant is not self-aware enough to report accurately. Also, most assessments don't measure and predict EQ or personal development levels, which are huge determinants for effectiveness and competence.

There is only one assessment tool that is virtually impossible to skew without detection, accurately measures EQ, personal development and reactionary patterns, and which has the ability to determine whether what an individual is reporting is true and accurate. That tool is the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile. CORE MAP is a development and potentials assessment that is designed to measure an individual's or group's current development and accurately describe their future potential under varying circumstances and conditions.

Click here for information about the top 10 competencies listed by most organizations as essential to excellence on the job and the necessary factors for the effective development of each competency.

CORE Sets You Free

Because the CORE system looks at the whole person, it doesn't take an individual out of one box and put them into another. Rather, it looks at where the individual is today, at the effects of early conditioning or current circumstances in shaping the individual's current perceptions, behaviors and outcomes, and creates an easy to follow roadmap to the individual's natural attributes; those which provide the energy, enthusiasm and natural abilities for creating optimal results.

On a personal level the CORE system can be applied to:

  • Rapid personal growth
  • Better, healthier relationships with family, friends, co-workers and others
  • Improved parenting and happier, better directed children
  • Increased understanding and appreciation between couples
  • A clear picture of one's ideal life path
  • Insights into the best career path

Take Advantage of the CORE MAP Difference

CORE MAP is easy to administer, but because it measures deeply and broadly, and can describe or predict so many factors, the results must be interpreted by a trained facilitator. Your company may certify an in-house facilitator or choose from a national network of highly trained coaches, consultants, therapists and trainers who are experts in human development.

To learn how to gain the CORE Advantage for your Corporation contact your CORE Facilitator, send an email to Gina Morgan at CORE Headquarters: or in Texas call 214-688-1412. Outside of Texas call toll free 877-884-CORE

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