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It is observably true that our lives go about as well as our relationships. We tend to be about as happy as our relationships are happy, or as miserable as are our relationships.

People without good relationships are like plants without sunshine or water. No growth occurs and, in time, we wither and die. But, what constitutes a "good" relationship? Good relationships are those that nurture us; that encourage our growth and well-being; that accept us just the way we are, yet inspire us to become more. Good relationships are uncommon, though, because they require us to fully understand and appreciate one another. They require us to learn to relate and communicate fully and lovingly.

Relating and communicating fully and lovingly can occur only when we fully know ourselves, and our own deepest needs, and when we fully understand the other person and his/her deepest needs. Unfortunately, we are inundated with media hype, pop psychology, self-help books, and social stereotypes that keep telling us we are supposed to be this way or that. So prolific are these messages over a lifetime that by the time we reach adulthood, most of us have no idea who we are or should be. And, if we can't even know and appreciate ourselves, how on earth can we know and appreciate someone else?

The obvious first step to great relationships is self-knowing and self-appreciation. From that very firm base, we are better able to understand and appreciate others. It stands to reason that we cannot give wholly to others unless we ourselves are whole.

Becoming whole begins with an in-depth understanding of our nature, with a commitment to finding and embracing our genuine selves and to living our lives authentically. The fastest, surest way to true self-understanding is the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP). CORE MAP takes you beyond a lifetime of stereotypes, hype and propaganda, and helps you discover the self that nature intended you to be. Once you have discovered and developed your own authentic self, you are better able to fully understand and relate to others and your relationships will grow and improve markedly as a result.

Beyond the CORE profile, CORE Dimensions offers a national network of highly skilled personal and relationship coaches, counselors and therapists to help you with any personal or relationship challenge you may encounter.

For happy, healthy relationships first know yourself. Take the CORE profile, then work with one of our certified CORE facilitators to learn how to apply your new, deeper self-awareness to all of your relationships. Because our lives are about as good as our relationships, with the help of CORE Dimensions, your life can be about as good as it gets.

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