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The following are a few comments from individuals who first took the profile, then became certified facilitators as a result of the incredible results attained:

Clara Farah
- SAGE Consulting

Being a coach and a psychologist, I have learned that using assessments early into my initial work with a client adds additional knowledge that is extremely helpful. My choice is to use the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile soon into my coaching work. I also use it in schools with gifted students. Why? The intensity and depth of our dialogue is greatly enhanced by this very useful tool. It is as if I have a group of experts sitting on my shoulder feeding me information that would normally take me much longer to glean from my client. Every coach and therapist can benefit by having this tool at their disposal!

I never imagined there was an assessment that would make people smile and enhance their self-esteem. CORE MAP does so much more than just educate clients about their talents and strengths. It points them directly to those areas of their active lives that produce flow and high energy. Facilitating the CORE MAP is a real gift for people of all ages; a gift that encourages clients to live their values and walk their life with real meaning.

All too often as therapists we tend to dwell on sadness and despair. Yet we know that resilience comes with learning to muster strength and overcome obstacles that get in our way. CORE MAP results, well facilitated, can lead a client to practicing new behaviors that quickly encourage greater self-awareness and greater self-development. I consider CORE MAP to be one of this century’s great contributions to positive psychology.

Mark Youngblood - Quay Alliance Consulting
I have taken the DISC and MBTI assessments and have studied the MBTI in substantial detail, and thought I had a pretty firm grasp on my core temperament and preferences. However, when you facilitated the CORE MAP instrument with me, I saw a part of me that had been repressed throughout my childhood, schooling and work career. You worked with me to see how my "Entertainer" aspect could become central to my functioning. And, as I engaged with this notion, I was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness that I had been missing this in myself for so long, and relief and joy that I could claim it for myself. I felt for the first time that I had permission to be my true self. The CORE MAP, and the insights I gained through facilitation, have opened up whole new possibilities for my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Andy Gray - Blue Cross Blue Shield
I wanted to express my satisfaction with the experience I had with my CORE MAP review session and my facilitator. This was a very insightful learning experience. Since our session I have been more aware of my own strengths and weaknesses and how these issues impact my interactions on a daily basis. I would, and have, encouraged others to take the CORE MAP with the hope that they will also have as great a learning experience as I had.

Mark Rogers, Ph.D. - QUALITY LEADERSHIP - Corporate Coaching and Consulting
When I was first introduced to the CORE MAP concepts, I was mildly skeptical about its value to me personally. I'd not only studied psychometrics in my psychological training, but I'd earned income for a time designing various kinds of educational and psychological assessments. I'd led dozens of seminars using various MBTI-related materials and conducted therapy groups with all the standard psychometric and self-report tests used as prompts for initiating self-discovery. My dissertation included the development of a career decision-making assessment, and I'd used many of the available vocational guidance tools in my career and corporate coaching. I didn't expect to find anything much new or different in the assessment arena.

What kept me from simply dismissing CORE MAP with a bored and cynical "ho-hum" was the tantalizing prospect of finding buried treasure.

A great friend of mine had once told me "the curse of being multi-talented is that you can never develop all of your potentials, so you will inevitably feel unfulfilled." Before encountering CORE MAP, I knew there were entertaining things I hadn't done yet, but I also judged my life as pretty dadgum fulfilling. Still, there was just enough curiosity left about what might be hidden, undeveloped, or untapped in my personality to incline me to try this thing on for fit. I felt just slightly defensive about the implication that incongruent results meant I didn't know myself, but I was more intrigued by the possibility than offended, so....Lo! and Behold! ... Eureka! ... Shazzam!!

I found gold! (It was right there in the profile results.) The Entertainer in me had been kept waiting in the wings for far too long and for inadequate reasons. Not three days after the profile interpretation I stepped up to the front of the training room and hit a home run with a program I'd only watched before. A week later, I conducted a complicated, delicate training that had been two years in the design phase, with my wife amongst the trainees. She gave it two thumbs up! (You'd have to know my wife to know how significant that is. She's incredibly supportive, but she's also got a finely tuned bulls**t filter, as well. Two thumbs up is wayyyy good.) Two weeks after that, I stepped into another training I'd only observed, and my co-facilitator covered my forehead with gold stars and proclaimed my work as "Excellent!"

I'm sooooh pumped about the results!

It's not just that the results of investing energy in my Entertainer have validated CORE MAP as an extremely valuable tool; it's that I feel like I've come home. I'm recognizing parts of what I'm like, of who I am, of how I like to engage with the world, as if they were long lost friends! In psychological terms, I'd call it a significant reintegration of ego-syncronicity, but what it really feels like is ... I've got my groove back.

Norman Werback - Consultant
After my CORE MAP feedback I gained real insight to questions I had asked for several years. No other profile has given me the multiple dimension views necessary to identify why I acted and reacted certain ways in specific circumstances (Norm was a certified DiSC Distributor at the time he took CORE MAP and has considerable experience with profiles).

With this knowledge I've been able to make some subtle changes in my behavior that are having significant impact on my ability to sell to high level executives. From a personal standpoint, this new "self" knowledge is leading to greater satisfaction in relationships. To say the CORE MAP is incredible... from my own experience, is not an overstatement.

The following are some success stories of current CORE Facilitators:

SpectraComm - Mark Schwartz and Bruce Chodosh - Dallas, TX
"The possibilities that exist inside of this CORE MAP opportunity are staggering. There is not a man, woman or child that couldn't benefit in some way from this profile. Even those congruent souls wandering the planet could be helped by at least knowing they are congruent and how to consciously maximize their strengths."

In their first year after certification:
1) Conducted workshops using CORE for Temple Emanu-El and Humco Industries.
2) Texas Women's University invited them to conduct a 6-week course using CORE MAP.
3) They have contracted to provide a direct link to CORE MAP online for Lehigh University and the National Dental Alliance.
4) They used an abbreviated training version of CORE in a workshop with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. The cheerleaders and staff liked the CORE program so much they requested more programs during next year's cheerleader training camp.

Linda Boardman-Fite - Springfield, MO
Sold 250 CORE MAP profiles within 3 months of certification.

Royce Herndon - Dallas, TX
Within 6 months of certification:
Conducted the basic CORE MAP workshop for Perot Systems teams in both North Carolina and Kansas City, then built upon it with two other workshops teaching Consultative Selling Skills. The focus of the second third session was on employing consultative selling skills to the various types. The training was very well received, and improved sales were reported immediately, along with improved internal communication and collaboration among Perot associates. The CORE MAP is scheduled to become a part of Perot Systems ongoing Business Leaders Development Training in the U.S. and Europe next year.

Bob Hunter - Dallas, TX
Within 6 months of certification:
Conducted workshops for Wimberly ISD and ACS- Several of the managers are planning to do workshops for their groups.

Norm Werback - Dallas, TX
Within 6 months of certification:
Conducted leadership training for 24 Hour Fitness using CORE MAP.
" I am also a certified DiSC distributor. While DiSC does measure what it is intended to (behaviors), it does not touch the depth, clarity, and insight provided by CORE."

Will Morris - Dallas, TX
Within 6 months of certification:
"I did a half-day workshop for Saint Ann's Catholic Church in Coppell with 25 administrative staff and lay ministers as part of their team building retreat using CORE PEP. The enthusiastic response following the workshop was exceeded only by the calls I received the next several days from the participants describing how they had already benefited by their new insights about themselves and others."

David Flack - San Antonio, TX
Within 6 months of certification:
At a recent historic joint meeting of ASTD and SAPCA in September, the CORE MAP was offered as a $200 value door prize. I got 30 business cards to follow-up on, and the president-elect of ASTD agreed to be a reference for CORE MAP, as well as asking us back in 2002 for another program. Since that event, I've had referrals from the referrals!

Reverend Rob Roberts - Aldie, VA
"CORE MAP is a miraculous! It has opened up a whole new dimension to my coaching business. I am touching lives in a way I never imagined.

The following are some comments from clients:

Ollie Malone, Jr., Ph.D. - Pennzoil

I have worked with countless instruments that provide information about an individual based on their responses to a series of questions. I even completed my doctorate on one. I was skeptical, then, when I first heard of the CORE MAP and I believed it to be a watered down version of other more substantial instruments. Imagine my shock, then, when I found this profile to be amazingly accurate and on-point for me. I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about themselves or wants to address long-standing issues that may be standing in the way of their personal effectiveness."

Linda Dorsey, Sr. Training & Education Rep. - NEC Unified Solutions
I have been hearing great things from both managers and employees regarding the CORE Profile and training. Communication is improving and stress levels seem to be diminishing. I highly recommend the CORE assessment personally and professionally.

Jason Arenburg - AB Group, Inc.
CORE MAP has been an exceptional tool for hiring. I am especially impressed with the part 3 results which are right on in predicting current behavior and development as well as EQ. I have used many assessments, but none measure up to CORE.

Tim Cocklin - New Homes Realty, Inc.
CORE MAP is a huge success and is even winning over the skeptics as they see how accurately the profile predicts how someone will do on the job. The benchmark you helped us create for hiring is proving to be very accurate and valuable as well.

Jeff Kaye, Kaye-Bassman Int’l
We have looked at hundreds of assessments over the years, hoping to find one that would actually deliver the depth of information we were after. None did before now. I'm very impressed with what can be gleaned from CORE MAP.

Willie Baronet - GroupBaronet
Unlike other personality tests I've taken in the past, CORE MAP gave me a more complete picture of how I saw myself v. how I really am. Seeing where those areas aligned was very powerful, and has helped confirm some gut feelings I had about where I want to head, and where I want to make some changes. My assessment is that it was a much more complete valuation of all parts of the person tested. I'd recommend it highly.

Dale Perryman - Consultant
The CORE MAP and the follow-up coaching was "just what the Dr. ordered". It was insightful in pointing out where my true passion and motivation lies. I felt empowered to create a more satisfying life. Other assessment instruments don't go far enough. CORE MAP not only told me about my strengths, but raised my awareness of personal liabilities. It hit the nail right on the head.

Colin Lindhal - Texas Instruments
I benefited extensively from my CORE MAP profile, both in terms of the information it provided and in terms of how it was presented. I had been through personality profiling before, as an undergraduate, a Naval Officer, a graduate student and as a corporate employee (the MBTI in the last instance). Though I often found the process interesting, I left only with information, not actionable information.

From the CORE MAP profile, I was able to understand some very unproductive behaviors in ways that were entirely new to me. The "aha" moment came when I realized how I had begun to rely on old, ineffective behaviors as my primary way of approaching situations. Though I had felt this to be the case, I had never before been able to verbalize and understand it so clearly. I left our review session with both excitement and a renewed belief that other, more productive aspects of my personality were either accessible within me or in a latent state and capable of being developed.

Since the initial session, I have used the CORE MAP framework, in conjunction with other tools, to look at the other areas of my personality that had been underdeveloped or ignored for years. I know that I am a great deal more than the few, basic behaviors that I had been using in the day-to-day living of my life, and through this process I have been able to name those other areas and take very concrete steps towards developing them.

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